Blackjack: because the player’s skills matter

 The game, nowadays, known as Blackjack originated in Spain in the late medieval period and was initially called 21, or better in Spanish “Twenty-and-one”. However, its consecration dates back to the mid-1800s, when it became one of the great classics present in every gambling house.


Of all casino games, Blackjack is considered the most skill oriented . If you play following logical mathematical concepts (by consulting the tables that we will publish in the strategic section) you can get a payout close to 100 (unthinkable for other casino games).


With certain strategies (for example with card counting which is permitted by law but not tolerated by gambling halls), you can have an edge against the dealer.


Playing with discipline increases the returns of the gaming experience


Dario De Toffoli , one of the best known scholars and authors in Italy on casino games and poker, defined blackjack as the “most honest” game of all games: “the BJ can reach a yield even above 99.5 % … if played correctly (but in general Italian players do not follow logic and mathematics) “.


What we want to explain to you (we will do it gradually in our section dedicated to strategy) is how to play the game of blackjack correctly, minimizing the house edge and, in some (very rare) cases, you can reach the aim to have a mathematical advantage in the game.